“The students loved all the experiments.  It created quite a buzz at our school and even had students talking about future science courses and career choices.” – Teacher, Elementary School, Fort Nelson


“I thought the program was well thought out, relevant to the grade levels involved and was fun and engaging.”  – Teacher, Junior High, Fort Nelson


“The kids seemed excited to learn about Science and learn more about chemistry and different sciences. The more exposure the better!” – Teacher, Elementary School, Fort Nelson


“The best outcome is that the students are excited about science and I am inspired to continue that excitement into the next school year.” – Teacher. K-7, Fort Nelson


“I learned that Chemistry happens a lot more in our daily lives than we think.” – Grade 4 Student, Fort Nelson


“My favourite part was when you taught us about the Periodic Table of Elements. Now I hope to be a chemist when I grow up.” – Grade 3 Student, Fort Nelson


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